Bio Heidelbeeren aus Wildsammlung

Small berries - great effect!

The dried blueberries from wild collection are a real gift for our body. With their active ingredients, blueberries are said to have great health benefits, which are also the subject of research. Among other things, they should prevent cardiovascular diseases and atherosclerosis.

The special thing about blueberries is that they come completely from wild collection and are then gently sun-dried. This means that vitamins and micronutrients are retained. They are characterized above all by their high level of antioxidants and secondary plant substances.

The said antioxidants should help to bind free radicals in the body and thus contribute to the natural detoxification.

The wild blueberries are used in smoothies or muesli. They can also be used as a topping over salads and various dishes to add a colorful and healthy variety to your diet.

Wild blueberries are currently experiencing a trend as a superfood - we think that's fine!