Geschälte Bio Pistazien in Rohkost-Qualität

Bring color into your life!

The winter was long enough and we are now looking forward to the end of the gray days - our intensely green pistachio kernels are already bringing variety and color into your life.

But pistachio kernels are not just for the eye, they also contain many micronutrients that help your body stay fit and balanced. The melatonin it contains promotes regeneration and has a positive effect on our sleep rhythm. Pistachio kernels also provide you with B vitamins, phosphorus, magnesium and iron. Like other nuts, they are high in polyunsaturated fatty acids and can help regulate your cholesterol levels. Our pistachio kernels are raw food quality so that all vitamins and health-promoting ingredients are retained.

The pistachio kernels are great for colorful raw food desserts and, with their intense taste, are a wonderful component in raw vegan chocolate spreads. They can also be found in oriental cuisine in, for example, rice dishes. Of course, they are also perfect for snacking in between.

Get this one month add a little color to your diet and break through the cold season with us!