Organic coconut milk powder 1kg

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€19,99 / kg


The finest, high-quality, intensely tasting organic coconut milk powder from Sri Lanka. Environmentally friendly transport because it is highly concentrated. Simply mix our organic coconut milk powder in a ratio of 1: 4 with water and stir well until the powder has completely dissolved in the water. Use a little less water for a more intense taste. When using it in the kitchen when cooking, you can add our organic coconut milk powder directly to the dish. Ideal for hot cocoa, golden milk, smoothies, curries and for baking.

Organic ingredients: Coconut milk powder

Note: Our organic coconut milk powder is a purely natural product and consists of 100% coconut milk, without any separating agents. The coconut milk powder can therefore easily clump together, but it can be dissolved by hand or by machine.

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