Bio Fairtrade Physalis

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Our organic Fairtrade Physalis are:

  • from wild collection
  • 100% pure nature
  • gently processed
  • sun dried
  • Laser cleaned and specially selected
  • Vegan
  • raw food
  • Fairtrade
  • unsulphured (according to EU organic regulation)
  • without artificial additives
  • without acidifier
  • without dyes
  • without preservative
  • without dyes

vital substances: The dried Inca berries (physalis) have an increased content of vitamin A (important for vision, metabolism and skin), C (antioxidant) and B3 (niacin) and they are also a good source of iron.1 Analyzes of the seeds have shown that they contain omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids, phytosterols such as β-sitosterol, campesterol, vitamin K and beta-carotene.1 The phytosterols have a positive effect on the cholesterol level in the intestines, because they prevent absorption from food.

Due to its positive vital and nutrient composition, physalis contains many antioxidants (vitamins A, C and beta-carotene). These in turn can help our body eliminate free radicals. Free radicals can do a lot of damage to our cells. Furthermore, the berries support our defense mechanism, which is particularly beneficial in the cold season. The berries are also said to have antipyretic, antirheumatic and diuretic effects.

In dried physalis berries are the same vital substances and nutrients as contained in fresh physalis, but additionally in a concentrated concentrated form.

Description: The organic Fairtrade Physalis have a strong aromatic and sour taste.
The color of the physalis is light yellow to dark yellow/golden. Inside are small soft and edible seeds. The consistency of the berries is soft.

Origin and manufacture: We source the organic Fairtrade Physalis from Colombia. At an altitude of over 2000 meters, the berries grow on small plantations on mountain slopes. The area is largely organic and FAIRTRADE certified and is farmed by the FAIRTRADE farmers who live there. Thanks to the cooperation with Fairtrade, the farmers can offer their families a secure income. The Fairtrade premium is/was also used in these regions to improve production, because sales are secured by consistently high quality. And we can only confirm the very good quality.

The physalis berries are harvested by hand. When the berries are fully ripe, the leaves/sepals are removed after harvesting and the berries are cleaned. This is followed by a gentle drying with the help of the sun's rays.

Purity: In Austria, the Physalis berries Pressure treated and laser cleaned. When it comes to printing, the interaction of pressure and time ensures absolute freedom from pests. During the subsequent multiple cleaning in the laser cleaning system, the organic berries are checked individually to rule out any foreign contamination.

Organic ingredients: Physalis° dried - °FAIRTRADE certified and grown by Fairtrade producers. Total Fairtrade percentage: 100%.

1 Wikipedia Physics / Blasenkircher

Note: Large containers may be delivered in an inliner with a food-safe outer carton.

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