Organic Macadamia Nuts extra large Jumbo

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Our organic Macadamia Nuts Jumbo are:

  • Extra-large, with minimum of broken pieces
  • Finest organic quality
  • Gently harvested and processed in Kenya
  • Best Lemberona raw food quality
  • Vegan

Vital ingredients:

The Macadamia nut is also known as the Queen of Nuts, with an especially high 75% fat content. Around 80% of these fats are unsaturated, having a very positive effect on the cardiovascular system [1,2]. Macadamia nuts are also rich in magnesium, phosphorous, calcium and B vitamins. These fortify the nerves and ensure strong, healthy bones [3].

Nutrients per 100g:

Energy: 745 kcal/ 3067kJ
Protein: 8.5g
Carbohydrates: 3.g – of this, sugar: 2.1 g
Fat: 75g – of this, saturated fatty acids 10g
Fibre: 11g
Sodium: 0.005g
Salt: 0.01g

Origin and processing:

We source our Macadamia nuts from small farmers in Kenya. Our Macadamia nuts aren’t just big in size, they have a strong, aromatic taste and soft texture. They are gently harvested and are never heated over 42°C. You have our guarantee of premium raw food quality.
After the Macadamia nuts have arrived in Austria, they undergo our standard pressure disinfestation procedure. The combination of time and pressure ensure that the nuts are 100% free of pests.



Germinating nuts:

  •  Inhibits and reduces phytic acids

Phytic acid occurs in natural foods, inhibiting their absorption of minerals in the body. Reduction of phytic acid benefits us by allowing absorption of minerals in foods, so that they can be utilised by the body [4].

  •  Inhibits and reduces tannins

Tannins are tanning agents that the plant uses to defend itself. If we consume too many tannins with our food, the body may suffer from flatulence (digestive problems) and in particular, too little iron and calcium are absorbed (or minerals) [5].

  • neutralises enzyme inhibitors

The body has to react in certain ways to function smoothly and needs certain enzymes for these reactions. If the enzymes are inhibited, the body cannot function in an optimal way. That´s why it´s important to reduce this inhibition to a minimum.

  • promotes production of useful enzymes…

and increases the amount of vitamins, in particular B vitamins. A new round of blossoming is set in motion during the germination process. Many important vital substances, such as vitamins and enzymes, are activated and mobilised. This is why germinated nuts are far more nutritious than non-germinated nuts.


You might try getting into the habit of soaking your nuts in lukewarm water in the evening and leaving them overnight, so that the nuts will have germinated by the next morning. If you have more germinated nuts than you can use straight away, we recommend storing them in the fridge, without the water. If you store them for a longer time, place them on something dry or dry them in the oven.
Germination time is 7 to 24 hours according to the type of food.


[3] DEBInet Deutsches Ernährungsberatung- und Informationsnetz
[4] Wikipedia Phytinsäure / Phytic acid
[5] Wikipedia Tannine / Tannin
[6] Wikipedia Enzymhemmung / Enzyme inhibitor

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