Organic Bilberries, Unsweetened Wild Collected Blueberries

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Wild harvested bilberries: The bilberry (vaccinium myrtiullus) is a species from the bilberry genus (vaccinium) from the heather family. Unlike the related cranberry, it is not evergreen – instead it is deciduous, i.e. it sheds its leaves in the winter. According to the Roman writer Pliny, the pigment in the bilberry was used to dye clothes. The bilberry has been one of the most popular fruits in the whole of Europe for centuries. And it’s not without good reason: Its unique, fruity-acidic taste of the wilderness is a treat for the young and the old alike! The small, dark bilberry is not to be confused with the large, North American blueberry which is gradually driving out the bilberries native to Europe. Our bilberries are 100% natural dried without any sweetener added. Enjoy your wild-harvested, dried bilberries pure or add them to your muesli, yoghurt, soufflés etc. to pep them up!


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