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Organic Jujube - Organic red date berry - The similarity of the dates is stunning. However, the red dates grow on trees and belong to Rhamnaceae family. Our red organic dates are obtained from certified organic wild collections of Uzbekistan. They flourish on virgin, secluded areas near Samarkand, along the ancient Silk Road. Here, the flavor and special ingredients develop well in the warm and long summers. Our subsidiary Silk Road Organic Foods carefully harvests in Uzbekistan by means of gentle solar drying and subsequent hand sorting. You can use our organic dried red dates as normal dates. They have a mild sweet, slightly tart, fruity and strong taste. We recommend it as a fruity snack for munching in between your meals. It serves well in combination with fresh cheese or salads, wrapped in bacon or filled with marzipan and nuts.


Attention: Our wild collected organic jujube red date berries are a pure and natural product. Sometimes during storage and because of temperatures changes in the nature a white or grey film may appear. The jujube has a very fine and natural layer of wax outside which may change its colour and may come off after drying and during storage. This is a sign of best quality and proof that our juniper berries are untreated. This is under no circumstances a sign of minor quality.

Унаби сушёная биологическая, Узбекистан, Самарканд

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