Organic Sea Buckthorn

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Our organic sea buckthorns are:

  • wild collection
  • 100% purely natural
  • premium quality
  • gently processed
  • laser cleaned and exclusively selected
  • sun-dried
  • vegan
  • raw food
  • unoiled
  • no sweeteners
  • not treated with sulphur (pursuant to EU eco regulations)
  • without artificial or natural additives
  • no preserving agents
  • no colouring agents

Vital substances:

An analysis carried out by our company provided evidence that our sea buckthorn is extremely rich in nutrients.

Dried sea buckthorn contains the same nutrients and vital substances as fresh sea buckthorn, only in a concentrated form. This makes them an even better, and above all, healthy source of vital substances for our bodies. The natural world makes it possible for the berries to give us this nutritional bounty.


Wild sea buckthorn berries have an intensive tangy and very sour taste. They are a rich, intensive pale to dark orange colour. The fruit flesh surrounds a seed that is dried together with the berry, giving the edible berries / fruits a crunchy texture.

Origin and Production:

We source our organic wild sea buckthorn exclusively from a remote mountainous region in Uzbekistan. Far from civilization, sea buckthorn grows on remote mountain slopes of the idyllic Pamir mountain range, on the „roof of the world“. Large parts of the region are certified for organic farming and are worked by the local organic farmers at harvesting time only. The farmers in this area have complied with organic cultivation criteria for many years and are proud of their contribution towards sustaining the natural balance.

Organic ingredients:  sea buckthorn dried

Облепиха дикая сушёная биологическая, Узбекистан, Самарканд

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