Bio-Leben - honest, uncompromising organic quality ...

We know our - according to strict criteria - selected Austrian organic farmers personally. Because only optimal climate and soil conditions, lasting, honest relationships and direct, constant transfer of knowledge guarantee uncompromisingly the best raw materials and the perfection of our range. We attach particular importance to long-term, partnership-based cooperation, which for us also includes purchase agreements in order to secure the existence of prospering organic farms in Austria. These active partnerships also allow the risk-conscious entering new agricultural territory, the operation of interesting alternative crops and awaken the joy of innovation and investment.

Through trust and the conscious purchase decision, our consumers secure the livelihood of organic producers in the long term. Each of our products can be seamlessly traced from cultivation to consumer - without any intermediate trade. We trade in products, but we do not negotiate on the fair price of our suppliers. And the noticeable change in consumer behavior proves us right!



“The Austrian origin guarantees short distances to the consumer, clear traceability down to the field and makes a significant contribution to environmental protection through CO² reduction and local suppliers. With the purchase of our products you are doing something for your health and our environment! "
Organic living - what sets us apart from others ...

We only use organic, GMO-free, clean food, without preservatives and without the addition of oil, yeast, lecithin or salt. All foil packaging is made of vegan material, nitrogen-gassed (to improve quality) and resealable. Our Austrian organic farmers deliver very good quality raw materials. But only the best is good enough for our consumers. That is why we carry out pressure disinfestation as standard on all products - before processing. A possible pest infestation, which cannot be ruled out in the case of biological products due to the fact that no spraying agents are used, is prevented using this environmentally friendly method. All of our products are also mechanically and finally laser cleaned before processing. With this we remove the last, still possible, existing organic (e.g. foreign grain) and inorganic (e.g. small stones) foreign bodies. The packaged products are still checkweighed to ensure that the pack weight complies with the legal requirements and finally metal-detected to exclude metallic foreign objects. All processing takes place "in-house" according to the strictest hygiene and quality standards.

"By the way, our St. Pölten location is - as one of the few Austrian companies - certified gluten-free!"