Our "Pearls of Samarkand" products are a gift of nature, complete enjoyment guaranteed by every product in this own brand - a treat for the taste buds and the emotions. Each individual ingredient is carefully selected, perfectly matching the whole product. It all began a few years ago when we began to look for special kinds of fruits and nuts that are allowed to flourish in unspoiled surroundings. This quest developed into a passion for beauty and high food production standards. Today, we still source most of our fruit and nuts from Uzbekistan, where the Silk Road once wound its way. Close ties with organic / Fairtrade small farmers there means that quality is constantly improved and the product range expanded. We are proud to say that our company is now Uzbekistan's biggest exporter of organic / Fairtrade foods. For many people, families, children or even entire villages, this provides them with the means to preserve the natural world, work their fields using old traditional methods and to plant fruits and nuts that have been grown in this region for thousands of years. Our wish to preserve an intact natural world goes to even greater lengths. We have carried out many innovative projects in Uzbekistan, all aiming to maintain resources needed by future generations. We travel to the region regularly to check if our plans and values are being implemented in a sustainable fashion. In all the activities we commit to relating to organic / Fairtrade products and farming, we are very much aware of our responsibilities, making great efforts to ensure that everything is done in harmony with nature and in the interests of us humans. All this is reflected in our wide range of exclusive products, whether they are the best organic mango pieces worldwide or gently processed organic Fairtrade pomegranate seeds. Our products are characterized by our many years of experience and extensive know-how, so sit back and enjoy nature's delicious bounty. The Lemberona team.