Our Impact

Lemberona has a positive impact on humankind and nature because organic farming and fair trade benefit the environment, farmers, and consumers alike:

  • Fair wages secure the livelihood of numerous agricultural families in Uzbekistan and other parts of the world. As a fair trade certified company, we make sure of this.
  • Most of our products are from a certified organic wild collection, ensuring a minimal impact on nature. Our customers benefit from the highest possible quality and nutrient density, such as a particularly high proportion of secondary plant substances.
  • We do not use pesticides and, by using resources sparingly, we leave future generations a healthy natural environment.
  • With our products, which are unpolluted and rich in nutrients and vital substances, we make a huge contribution to our customer's health.
  • We support the fight against climate change and promote renewable energy. Solar collectors supply parts of our production in Sankt Pölten, Austria, with electricity. Moreover, by building a unique plant for CO2-positive solar air heating, we have made it possible to dry all products in Uzbekistan without the use of fossil fuels such as gas or coal.
  • Our pressure disinfestation chamber Ensures that any larvae in the products are rendered sustainably, without the use of chemicals and without leaving any residue. Our packaging is vegan and is mostly reclosable. All of these leads to less food waste.
  • We cooperate with the Austrian organizations "Youth at work"and BBO Caritas. By helping us to pack sealed articles in folding boxes young people and people with special needs are enabled to lead a fulfilled and self-determined life through meaningful employment.
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