Our mission

We are convinced that producing food in harmony with our nature is the basis for a healthy life, sustainable resource management, and a clean planet. Our products are as natural and unprocessed as possible. We exclusively use GMO-free organic products without preservatives. We do not add sugar, oil, yeast, lecithin, or salt. To obtain as many vitamins, micro- and macronutrients as possible, the majority of our products is in raw food quality. We think that the produce should be cultivated as locally as possible, that's why we focus on Austrian high-quality products with our brand "Bio-Leben".

Due to climatic reasons, many nuts and fruits are not available locally though. In that case, we start looking worldwide for the best products with the fullest taste. Most of the time we find what we are looking for in Uzbekistan, especially in the sunny region of Samarkand. Get to know the variety of our brand Pearls of Samarkand.

But we also maintain intensive relationships with small farmers and producer groups in Sri Lanka or India. Wherever possible, we rely on fair trade, for the benefit of small farmers. We trade high-quality products, but we do not make compromises when it comes to fair prices and responsible cooperation. Therefore, buying Lemberona products secures the livelihood of our producers and their family members. Learn more about how we work.