Lemberona was founded in 2010 by Josef and Elmira with the aim of supplying you with the best quality organic and fair trade products from Vienna. Elmira grew up in Uzbekistan and has been interested in natural healing methods since childhood and has been interested in how we can use food as medicine for many years. Josef's roots lie in agriculture and milling. His family ran mills in Italy and Austria for generations. 

Food obtained in harmony with nature is the basis for a healthy life, sustainable resource management and a healthy planet - we are convinced of that. Our products are as natural and unprocessed as possible. We only use non-GMO organic products without preservatives for the production of our high-quality food. We do not add sugar, oil, yeast, lecithin or salt. In order to get as many vitamins, micro- and macronutrients as possible, we offer the majority of our products in raw food quality.

The following applies to us: regional comes before global. With our "Bio-leben" brand, we rely on uncompromisingly good food from Austria. However, many nuts and fruits are not available locally for climatic reasons. Then we go on a global search for the best product with the fullest taste! Very often we find what we are looking for with our partners in Uzbekistan, especially in the sunny region of Samarkand. But we also maintain close relationships with smallholders and producer groups in Sri Lanka or India and have developed a range of products here. Wherever possible, we rely on fair trade for the benefit of smallholders. We deal in high-quality products, but we don't negotiate on fair prices and responsible interaction. The purchase of Lemberona products therefore secures the livelihood of our producers and their family members in the long term.

Our production in St. Pölten is organic, gluten-free, kosher and halal certified. We rely on gentle processes - for example through our modern pressure disinfestation system, laser technology but also photovoltaics and solar energy for the benefit of our planet.