Organic curry leaves 5kg

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Our organic curry leaves are:

  • very versatile
  • intensely aromatic
  • very pure
  • in very good quality
  • checked several times
  • vegan of course

Positive effects on our body:

Curry leaves are widely used in traditional medicine. For example, if you have problems with your stomach, such as diarrhea and flatulence, the leaves are ground up and drunk with buttermilk. Rice, ginger, potassium chloride and curry leaves mixed together are said to have a supportive effect on stomach upset and digestive problems. The same mixture can also be applied to the hair. It is supposed to counteract premature graying of the hair. If the curry leaves are boiled together with coconut oil, the cooled mixture can be used as a hair restorer.

If you suffer from eczema, an infusion of curry leaves and turmeric can provide relief. In the case of diabetes caused by obesity, 10 curry leaves should be chewed / consumed in the morning over a period of 3 months. 1


Our organic curry leaves have a mild and very atypical aroma. The rounded taste will ideally combine with your other ingredients. The leaves are very fine and can be processed very easily.


We source our organic curry leaves from Sri Lanka.

With the purchase of this product you are supporting many projects in the areas of improved health care and infrastructure, the reduction of illiteracy and the promotion of women in particular. The greatest benefit for all farmers is that they can sell their products and thus gain more confidence in themselves, gain more confidence that THANKS to the money they can help themselves and support one another. This is especially true for women who, thanks to an extra income, can make an additional contribution for their families and children. This makes your life more secure and gives the children a new perspective.

The curry leaves are harvested together with the branches. Then the leaves are picked, cleaned and gently dried. The sheets are repeatedly checked for quality and sorted several times.

Purity: In Austria the curry leaves are pressure treated and checked several times by us. With pressure removal, the interaction of pressure and time ensures absolute freedom from pests.

Organic ingredient: Curry leaves °

1 Wikipedia Currybaum / curry tree

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