Bio Daily Revitalize 5kg

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Contains organic: wheatgrass powder, barleygrass powder, alfalfa powder, lucuma powder, flaxseed / flaxseed fiber powder - defatted, peppermint powder, broccoli powder, carrot powder, rosehip skin powder, spirulina powder, chlorella powder, spinach powder, beetroot juice powder, powdered pineapple whole), liquorice powder, Aloe vera gel powder, Blueberry powder, raspberry powder, goji fruit powder, schisandra fruit powder, Baobab powder Acai powder.

All ingredients are organic according to EU 834/2007

Builds on the basic Daily Greens mix and also contains aloe vera gel powder and baobab powder.

  • Baobab powder: The baobab powder has amazing properties. It is probiotic and prebiotic and thus nourishes the intestinal flora. It is high in vitamin C, so it is powerful antioxidant and may have a natural calcium content. It has an ideal fiber ratio.
  • Aloe Vera Gel Powder: Aloe has been used in the Arab homeland for health and beauty care for more than 6000 years. Research into the properties of the aloe vera plants continues to validate the comprehensive value it offers for human health. Specific polysaccharides such as the rare acemannan, essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and specific secondary plant substances make aloe vera an incredibly valuable helper in everyday life.

New powder mixtures in the Vitarona range

  • Daily greens
  • Daily boost
  • Daily resistance
  • Revitalize daily
  • Supergreens
  • Super fruit powder

Benefits, Differences, and Uses of These Powders.


Organic Daily Boost, Organic Daily Resistance, Organic Daily Revitalize, Organic Daily Greens, Organic Daily SuperGreens and Organic Super Fruits are 6 new blends. Daily Greens, the basic mix with 23 ingredients. Daily Revitalize is based on and contains aloe vera gel powder and baobab powder. This is followed by Daily Resistance with added Reishi powder and additionally ginseng and rose hip powder as well as Daily Boost with 31 ingredients, including plum powder. In addition, the proportions of the other ingredients are different between the mixtures, as can be seen from the order of the ingredients.


Super Greens is a completely different mix of broccoli powder, spinach powder, zucchini powder, dill powder, and kale powder. It delivers a completely different taste.


Super fruit powder mix: All of our fruit and berry powders are made from 100% whole fruits and berries! In many other fruit powders, chemical fillers are added so that the powder is free flowing and for coloring purposes. However, the substances added are neither natural nor intended for our body. That is why we rely on 100% pure powder to provide 100% of the positive nutrients in fruits and berries. The powders are made from sun-dried fruits and berries and provide the same nutrients as the fresh products, but in a compact, concentrated form, as shown in the list of ingredients. The product was specially developed for athletes.
Due to its slow digestion, the super fruit powder has the further advantage that it releases energy over a longer period of time without the need for additional nutrition. The powder is easy to use and can be used on the go, during training sessions, while traveling and other outdoor activities.

How to use the green mixes:

About 1 heaped tablespoon (= 12.5 g) with 150 ml of water or rice milk. Mix it well. You can use the mixes as breakfast, lunch or as a snack between meals. Another option is to mix into a homemade smoothie. Mixtures can of course also be combined with one another as required.
If necessary, you can sweeten your shake, smoothie or drink with coconut blossom sugar.

Super fruit powder: You can mix it in our My Perfect Morning Mix or in other homemade smoothies or cereals.

  • Acai berry powder: The grape-like acai berry grows on the banks of the Amazon on palm trees that thrive in the fertile soil of the rainforest. When ripe, the antioxidant-rich berries are pulverized and lyophilized into a bright purple powder. It is considered to be one of the most nutritious fruits in the world, a natural source of numerous nutrients and phytonutrients. Purasana Acai Berry Powder is obtained through freeze-drying in order to optimally preserve the nutritional value. Rich in vitamins and a source of minerals. Very highly concentrated: 20 kg of fruit for 1 kg of powder.
  • Barley grass powder is extracted from the fresh barley grass and contains many vital substances. Barley grass. Powder is a natural, rich source of nutrients and phytonutrients. It is one of the most effective ways to balance your body's pH. 100% pure organic powder with no additives. The fresh barley grass is dried and processed immediately after harvest. Rich in fiber and folic acid, source of vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll.
  • Spirulina Powder: Spirulina is a microscopic freshwater alga that naturally contains more essential nutrients and phytonutrients than almost any food available. In addition, spirulina makes them more easily absorbed by the body. Spirulina is rich in minerals and vitamins. With a daily minimum intake of 600 to 900 mg, spirulina is a support for slimming programs and diets.
  • Chlorella powder: Chlorella is a freshwater alga and one of the most complete food sources in the world. It naturally contains a number of nutrients and phytonutrients. Chlorella contains the highest chlorophyll content of any plant on earth. Chlorella is rich in vitamins and minerals. With a minimum intake of 3 g per day, Chlorella strengthens vitality and helps remove heavy metals from the body.

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