Organic Fairtrade Basmati Rice 5kg

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Our organic fairtrade basmati rice is:

  • very aromatic
  • loose and easy
  • very versatile
  • suitable for a conscious diet
  • in harmony with people and nature
  • 100% organic and fair trade
  • repeatedly checked according to our strict quality criteria
  • vegan of course

What makes rice so valuable?

There are over 8,000 different types of rice. Rice is one of the most important in the world

Staple food. Rice feeds many people every day and at the same time ensures their survival. Organic and Fairtrade rice in particular make an additional valuable contribution.

Rice consists mostly of carbohydrates and, unlike other grains, does not contain gluten and can therefore be used in a good, poor diet.

Rice also has the advantage that it saturates but does not burden us with a feeling of fullness.

True to the motto: relaxed and light!


The word Basmati means "fragrance" in the Hindi language! And that's exactly what our basmati rice is. A very aromatic, slightly floral scented organic Fairtrade rice. The grains are particularly long and fine. Our basmati rice is a shelled basmati rice from which the outer silver skin has been removed. This shortens the cooking time by around 10 to 15 minutes. Basmati rice enlarges slightly when cooked, but it still remains fluffy and grainy.

Bring more variety into your organic kitchen together with our organic range and conjure up delicious organic dishes for you and your loved ones.


Our organic Fairtrade rice comes from a small organic Fairtrade group of farmers from the region around Khaddar, in northern India. The area extends over a large meadow landscape, which borders the western Himalayan mountains and where the great life-giving river Ganges flows. This area is famous for its high quality basmati rice.

The rice fields are largely organic and FAIRTRADE certified and provide the FAIRTRADE organic smallholders there with a stable source of income. Thanks to the cooperation with Fairtrade, urgent projects such as clean drinking water, school facilities and improved infrastructures can be made possible.

Especially in India there are long-term fair trade relationships, spanning decades. In this way, the country can change bit by bit and develop more and more fairly.

Due to our strict quality requirements and our constant controls, we can guarantee the purity of our basmati rice! Our organic basmati rice creates trust among our customers and consumers.


Our organic basmati rice is immediately pressure-treated and checked several times after it arrives at our production facility. With pressure removal, the interaction of pressure and time ensures absolute freedom from pests.

 Organic ingredients: Basmati rice ° - ° FAIRTRADE-certified and grown by Fairtrade producers. Total Fairtrade share: 100%.


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