Organic Fairtrade fine couverture 70% cocoa 10kg

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Our organic fair trade Noble couverture is:

  • best quality
  • slightly sweetened
  • highest taste experience
  • made from Fairtrade cocoa beans
  • for cocoa lovers
  • 100% nature
  • 100% organic
  • 100% vegan
  • gently manufactured
  • checked several times

Vital substances:

Cocoa beans contain up to 300 moving substances. The most important of these are the B vitamins, minerals such as magnesium and zinc, antioxidants such as polyphenol, fiber and unsaturated fatty acids [1].

Various other health-promoting effects from the consumption of cocoa have been proven in numerous studies.

As for example:

  • Improving mood,
  • Increase in concentration,
  • positive effects on the cardiovascular system,
  • positive effects on the nervous system,
  • positive effects on the lymphatic, hormonal and immune systems
  • antihypertensive effect
  • Cholesterol regulating effect [2]

The Aztecs and Mayans considered the cocoa bean to be a much valued food and means of payment and was also referred to as "brown gold". Cocoa was considered sacred and was used as an offering to the god "feathered serpent". In the 17th century, the cocoa bean developed into a luxury item across Europe.


Our fine couverture drops are lightly sweetened. They have a strong and intense cocoa note. A real taste experience for every cocoa lover.


Our organic Fairtrade fine couverture drops come from Peru. They are carefully produced there under the highest standards. The cocoa beans themselves come from all over Peru and are collected by various groups of small farmers. In recent years, thanks to the extensive organic and fair trade projects, the farmers have been able to learn a lot and, on the other hand, many useful projects have been implemented, such as equipping schools and playgrounds.


Cocoa beans are the seeds of the cocoa pods that are fermented after harvest. In doing so, they lose their bitter substances. The beans are then gently dried, creating the polyphenols that determine their taste and the brown color. The couverture is made by carefully mixing (conching) the raw, peeled (peeled) cocoa beans. When stirring, the sugar is slowly mixed in so that it can be evenly distributed.


When they arrive in Austria, the drops are pressure treated and checked by us as standard. With pressure removal, the interaction of pressure and time ensures absolute freedom from pests.

Organic ingredient: Cocoa mass in drops made from organic cocoa beans and sugar ° ° FAIRTRADE-certified and grown by Fairtrade producers. Total Fairtrade share: 100%.


[1] DEBInet German nutrition advice and information network

[2] Wikipedia cocoa

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