Organic Fairtrade liquorice powder 1kg

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Our organic fairtrade liquorice powder is:

  • 100% liquorice powder - no tricks!
  • 100% made from real liquorice
  • very rich in vital substances
  • in very good quality
  • checked several times
  • very pure
  • aromatic
  • Raw food quality
  • Fairtrade quality
  • Vegan

Vital substances:

  • can help with stomach problems
  • should possibly have an anti-cancer effect

Liquorice and the liquorice powder made from it contain various active ingredients, including glycyrrhizin. Glycyrrhizin has a sweetening power 50 times higher than that of raw sugar. Other ingredients are around 40 different flavonoids, so-called saponins, which can have a very positive effect on expectoration, expectorant and expectorant when coughing. In Chinese medicine, liquorice is used to strengthen the heart, as well as for ulcers, colds and blemishes.

Not to forget liquorice / liquorice has a warming and invigorating effect.

In ancient times, their own thirst-quenching drink called "Mai sus" was made.

It was not until much later, in 1760, that sugar was added to the liquorice and that sweetness was discovered, which is still very much appreciated by young and old to this day [1].


Our organic Fairtrade liquorice powder is gently and carefully produced from whole liquorice sticks. Our powder is completely natural and 100% pure. The taste is very intense, aromatic and strongly sweet. The liquorice powder is very fine powder.


Thanks to organic fair trade, there is an increased awareness of a social and ecological environment.

We source our organic fairtrade liquorice powder from Uzbekistan.

With the purchase of this product you are supporting many projects in the areas of improved health care and infrastructure, the reduction of illiteracy and the promotion of women in particular.

But the greatest benefit for all Fairtrade farmers is that they can sell their products and thus gain more confidence in themselves, gain more confidence that THANKS to the money they can help themselves and support each other. This is especially true for women who, thanks to an extra income, can make an additional contribution for their families and children. This makes your life more secure and gives the children a new perspective.


Pressure disinfestation is one of our standard processes, which is why all of our products are pressure disinfested. With pressure removal, the interaction of pressure and time ensures absolute freedom from pests.

Organic ingredients:

Licorice powder ° - ° FAIRTRADE certified and grown by Fairtrade producers. Total Fairtrade share: 100%


[1] Wikipedia Liquorice / Liquorice

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