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Our organic super nuts are:

  • our best nuts combined
  • very harmonious in taste
  • carefully put together
  • very good quality
  • Very high quality  
  • rich in vital substances
  • very antioxidant
  • checked several times
  • of course vegan

 Vital substances:

Take it! For your balanced diet!

Nuts contain an optimal ratio of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids are said to lower high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure as well as inhibit inflammatory reactions in the body.

Nuts are also characterized by a high content of vitamin E, vitamin B2, magnesium, phosphorus, copper and manganese. Nuts also help supply the body with calcium, iron, potassium and zinc.

In addition, nuts generally have a high antioxidant capacity. Today it is assumed that the ingestion of antioxidant foods strengthens the body's defense mechanism and thus an overproduction of free radicals can be balanced [1 to 3].


Our organic supernuts are very harmoniously coordinated and result in a very exquisite composition of the finest organic supernuts. The taste of the individual nuts is very different, and that is exactly the big difference to other conventional nut mixes. The taste of this mixture ranges from sweet to slightly salty to strong tasting nuts.  


Our organic nuts come exclusively from certified organic farmers. We rely on a very high quality of all ingredients and therefore we only obtain the nuts from selected long-term suppliers. The walnuts, for example, come from a remote organic region in Uzbekistan and the chocolate almonds are some of the best in the world and come from Sicily, from the Damiano company. In both organic regions, the careful handling of nature and nuts is valued and cultivated. Regular controls at the highest level guarantee very good quality.

When they arrive in Austria, the ingredients are pressure treated and, if necessary, laser cleaned. With pressure removal, the interaction of pressure and time ensures absolute freedom from pests. During the subsequent multiple cleaning in the laser cleaning system, the organic products are checked individually in order to rule out any foreign contamination.

Finally, the ingredients are checked again by us, put together and gently mixed so that hardly any fragments are left.  


in variable proportions: apricot kernels *, Brazil nuts *, almonds *, cashew nuts *, Chocolatealmonds * (dark chocolate * (raw cane sugar *, cocoa mass *, cocoa butter *, cocoa powder *), roasted Almonds*, Cocoa powder *), sugar minto act (Almonds*, Sugar*), Almonds* roasted and salted (Almonds* roasted, salt), Walnuts *, Cashews * roasted and salted (roasted cashews *, salt).

* from organic farming

EFSA recommends consuming a maximum of 1-2 apricot kernels per day.

Naturally vegan product, processed in a purely vegan company.


[1] DEBInet German Nutrition Advice and Information Network, [2] Wikipedia Nussfrucht, [3] ORAC USDA Database


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