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Our organic fennel seeds are:
  •  very harmonizing
  • very gentle and slightly sweet
  • has a calming effect
  • for a more relaxed digestion  
  • in very good quality
  • checked several times
  • very pure
  • Raw food quality
  • Vegan

Vital substance effect:

Fennel: 3 in one: Vegetable, aromatic and medicinal plant at the same time. A beautiful name for fennel is the "spice of the angels"! Fennel, like many spices, contains essential oils which have a very positive effect in the farthest corner of our body can. The essential fennel oil it contains has a very high antioxidant capacity. Fennel as such is also very interesting because it contains silica, minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium, folic acid, vitamins A, B and C. The vitamin C content 100g of raw fennel is over 110% of the daily requirement [1]. Traditionally, fennel or fennel seeds are used as a well-known household remedy for colds, coughs and gastrointestinal disorders (flatulence).


Our organic fennel seeds have a sweet, gentle, slightly anise-like aroma. The pleasant smell and the intense taste of our fennel seeds aromatize and dynamize each of your cooking creations. The seeds are gently dried and sorted and checked several times. It goes without saying that we only offer you the best quality. Our fennel seeds are completely natural and give your dishes a very nice, harmonizing and typical fennel note.


Thanks to organic, there is a heightened awareness of a social and ecological environment. We source our organic fennel seeds from Uzbekistan. By buying this product you are supporting many projects in the areas of improving health care and infrastructure, increasing general education - especially for children and promoting women in particular. But the greatest benefit for all farmers is, that they can sell their products and thus get more trust in themselves, gain more trust, that THANKS to the money they can help themselves and support each other. This is especially true for women who, THANKS to an extra income, make an additional contribution for their families and children. Your life will be more secure and the children will be offered new perspectives.


Pressure disinfestation is one of our standard processes, which is why all of our products are pressure disinfested. With pressure removal, the interaction of pressure and time ensures absolute freedom from pests.

Organic ingredients:

Fennel seeds dried ° - ° certified and grown by producers. Total share: 100%


[1] Wikipedia fennel

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