Gluten-free organic millet flour from Austria

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Our organic Austrian gold millet flour is:

  • gluten free
  • 100% from Austria
  • regional and sustainable
  • made from millet that has been cleaned and checked several times
  • carefully ground
  • very fine
  • Vegan

vital substances:

Millet is one of the healthiest grains in the world and is a gluten-free grain. It can therefore be used on a low-gluten and gluten-free diet if it has been tested for gluten beforehand!


  1. Golden millet contains silicon (silicic acid), which is particularly good for skin, hair and nails.
  2. Golden millet is a grain very rich in protein.
  3. Golden millet contains fiber and regulates our digestion.
  4. Golden millet is rich in vitamins A, B and E.
  5. Golden millet is rich in iron, magnesium, fluorine, phosphorus and potassium.
  6. Golden millet is easy to digest and is therefore particularly suitable for a light diet.

Golden millet should therefore not be missing from a varied diet!1,2


Our organic golden millet flour has been carefully ground and repeatedly tested for gluten. To produce the flour, we only use our golden millet grains that have been cleaned several times. The flour has a delicate taste and contains the typical taste of millet, which is freshly ground. The flour is very fine and has a nice light color.


We know our farmers personally!

Our organic Alpine millet, which we use to make the flour, comes exclusively from Austrian organic farmers. We have very close partner relationships with our local farmers. We work closely with you and rely on a very fair cooperation, including a fair price and a fixed purchase guarantee.

The advantages of Austrian golden millet are obvious to us! Short transport routes, intensive promotion and appreciation of local and regional products, support for Austrian farmers and their agriculture and preservation of the diversity of nature.

Due to our strict quality requirements and very close relationships with our farmers, we can guarantee the purity and origin of our golden millet!

Our golden millet creates trust among our customers and consumers.


Our organic golden millet goes through several different cleaning steps after harvesting. During our final multiple cleaning in the laser cleaning system, the grains are checked individually to rule out any foreign contamination. Only then are the golden millet grains peeled in a gluten-free plant and then ground. Finally, the golden millet flour is pressure treated. When it comes to printing, the interaction of pressure and time ensures absolute freedom from pests.

Organic ingredients: gluten-free Alpine millet flour from Austria


1 Wikipedia Millet / Millet

2 DEBInet German nutritional advice and information network

Note: Large containers may be delivered in an inliner with a food-safe outer carton.

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