Organic camelina oil from Austria 6x250ml

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Our organic Austrian camelina oil is:

  • very rare and primeval
  • from gentle cold pressing
  • 100% from Austria
  • with guaranteed origin
  • regional and sustainable
  • from our own controlled cultivation
  • pure natural product
  • unrefined
  • rich in omega 3
  • very aromatic
  • Vegan

Vital substances:

The seeds of organic camelina have an oil content of around 35% and a high content of unsaturated fatty acids, of which a high proportion is in the form of the valuable and high quality omega 3 linoleic acid [1]. The omega 3 fatty acid (DHA, linolenic acid) is a vital essential fatty acid which the body does not produce itself, but which our body needs for many processes. Omega 3 fatty acids can certainly lower the cholesterol level and blood pressure, as well as reduce inflammatory reactions [1]. The existing unsaturated fatty and omega acids make a valuable contribution to a balanced diet.


Camelina oil, also known under the name Camelina oil or Celtic kernel oil, was one of the first oils that was produced by our Celtic ancestors thousands of years ago and was highly valued for its versatility and rich taste. Our cold-pressed organic camelina oil has a very delicate and intense taste and a golden yellow color.


We have revived the ancient oil tradition of our forefathers and have been promoting the cultivation of organic camelina in Austria for years. This is also often used in organic agriculture as a support for our Austrian organic lentils, because it protects against weeds when growing. The organic camelina oil also goes well with all organic lentils in the kitchen! With the purchase of this organic product you sustainably support and promote Austrian organic agriculture and environmental protection: short distances, clearly traceable origins! Due to strict quality requirements, we can guarantee the purity and quality of our camelina oil! Our camelina oil creates trust among our customers and consumers.


[1] Wikipedia camelina / camelina sativa

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