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Our papaya seeds are:

  • 100% pure nature
  • gently processed
  • sun dried
  • Vegan
  • Raw food
  • without artificial additives
  • without preservatives
  • without sweeteners
  • without dyes

Vital substances: The papaya contains black edible seeds. These contain a high amount of the protein-splitting enzyme "papain", which the plant uses as a defense against pests. We would like to be able to benefit from papain as well, or our southern ancestors used the papaya kernels especially when their intestines (body) were afflicted by parasites, when they wanted to achieve an anti-inflammatory effect in their body or when they wanted to “cleanse” themselves internally " wanted to.

What modern man usually just throws away today can, however, be of great importance to him, because nature does not invent anything without a "reason".

Description: The dried papaya seeds have a strong, very aromatic taste. They are firm in structure and also strong. The dried seeds have a dark brown color, which, especially with other spices (e.g. turmeric), results in a very nice play of colors.

Did you know:

If the papayas are still green, you can eat them as well, but the taste is more like a cucumber. Which is why they are made into salads like vegetables or like a pumpkin. The papaya itself is between 15 and 45 cm long, with a diameter between 10 and 30 cm and a weight of 3 to 6 kg. As you can see, a papaya can be a lot bigger than the papayas that are in our supermarket.

Origin and manufacture: We source our papaya seeds from Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka, these fruits, some of which are very large, grow in certified organic areas. The farmers living there cultivate the surrounding area and thus improve our and their own living conditions by working traditionally and in harmony with nature.

The papaya is harvested when fully ripe. After the harvest, the seeds are removed and gently dried with the help of the sun.

Purity: In Austria the papaya seeds are pressure treated and checked several times. With pressure removal, the interaction of pressure and time ensures absolute freedom from pests.

Ingredients: dried whole papaya seeds

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