Organic sea buckthorn berries

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Our wild organic sea buckthorn is:

  • reich an Omega 7
  • reich an Vitamin B12
  • 100% pure nature
  • revitalizing
  • gently processed
  • Laser cleaned and specially selected
  • Vegan
  • unsulphured (according to EU organic regulation)
  • without artificial additives
  • without preservative
  • without dyes

Sea buckthorn berries are ideal as tea and for tea blends. Our organic sea buckthorn berries have very hard seeds. Be careful when biting and chewing!

vital substances: An analysis we carried out ourselves gave us proof of the sensational amounts of vital substances in our sea buckthorn. Our berries have one very high omega 7 fatty acid and B12 content.

As far as we know, this high content is only found in Uzbek wild-collected organic sea buckthorn.

Cultivated sea buckthorn or sea buckthorn from other areas does not have such a high omega 7 or B12 content. B12 in plant foods is very rare at all! Omega 7 inhibits inflammatory processes in the body and thus has a positive effect on our body in many disease-related phenomena.

Dried sea buckthorn contains the same vital substances and nutrients as fresh sea buckthorn, only in a concentrated form. And the sea buckthorn has it all!

Description: The wild sea buckthorn berry has an intensely spicy and very sour taste. They have a strong, intense light - to dark orange color. The pulp surrounds a core,

Origin and manufacture: We source the wild organic sea buckthorn exclusively from Uzbekistan. On the remote mountain slopes of the idyllic Pamir Mountains, the "roof of the world", the sea buckthorn ripens far away from civilization. The area is extensively certified organic and is only cultivated by the farmers living there at harvest time. The farmers in this region have been working according to organic cultivation criteria for many years and are proud of their contribution to the preservation of nature.

When ripe, the wild sea buckthorn berries are plowed by hand, then washed and finally gently dried with the help of the sun. The drying process used is a very environmentally friendly solar drying method that is extremely gentle on the product.

Purity: In Austria, the sea buckthorn Pressure treated and laser cleaned. When it comes to printing, the interaction of pressure and time ensures absolute freedom from pests. During the subsequent multiple cleaning in the laser cleaning system, the organic berries are checked individually to rule out any foreign contamination.

Organic ingredients: Dried sea buckthorn

Note: Large containers may be delivered in an inliner with a food-safe outer carton.

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