Bio Triphala Powder

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Size: 1kg
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Our Triphala powder is:

  • Triphala is a mixture of Amla, Haritaki and Bibhitaki powder, which we all get from the Kerala region in southern India / The organic powders are 100% pure and laboratory-tested in Germany
  • Premium quality: By mixing in-house, we can guarantee that all three powders are used in the same ratio
  • In raw food quality, the effective Ayurveda powder is wonderfully suitable as a tea, as a spice or in combination with ghee for relaxing massages
  • Honest quality: Lemberona products are as natural and unprocessed as possible, meet the highest quality standards and at the same time offer pure enjoyment
  • Scope of delivery: 1 x 1 kg organic triphala powder from India / Popular remedy in Ayurvedic healing art / Without artificial additives and preservatives / Raw food / Vegan

We source our Amla, Harithaki and Bibhitaki powders from the Kerala region in southern India. The powders are all laboratory-tested in Germany and are checked several times in Austria as well as pressure-treated as standard to ensure absolute freedom from pests. Then we mix the three powders in the same ratio to triphala. The powder is said to have a vitalizing effect and is particularly popular in Ayurvedic cuisine and traditional Chinese medicine.

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