Bitter organic apricot kernels 500g

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Our bitter organic apricot kernels are: 

  • very cyanide / amygdalin content
  • 100% pure nature
  • in top quality
  • sun / solar dried
  • laser cleaned and specially selected 

Description: Bitter apricot kernels are often used in the production of marzipan and in cosmetic products. For the bitter apricot kernels, wild apricots and apricots, which have a lot of hydrogen cyanide, are used. The bitter taste suggests that the kernels contain amygdalin. Amygdalin can cause symptoms of intoxication. Raw and unprocessed bitter apricot kernels are not suitable for human consumption. 1 

Origin: We source our bitter organic apricot kernels exclusively from Uzbekistan. Only from there can we be sure that the quality will meet our high standards. The apricots ripen on trees around Samarkand. The area is largely certified organic and is cultivated by the farmers who live there. The farmers in this region have been working according to organic cultivation criteria for many years and are very proud of their contribution to the preservation of nature. 

Drying: After the careful harvest, the apricots are washed, halved and pitted. The peel of the kernel is cracked open and the actual apricot kernel is gently dried with the help of the sun. The drying process used is a very environmentally friendly solar drying method that is extremely gentle on the product. 

Purity: Once in Austria, the apricot kernels are pressure treated and laser cleaned. With pressure removal, the interaction of pressure and time ensures absolute freedom from pests. During the subsequent multiple cleaning in the laser cleaning system, the apricot kernels are checked individually in order to rule out any foreign contamination. 

Source: 1 Wikipedia apricot kernel

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