Freeze dried organic pineapple pieces

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Our organic pineapple pieces are:
  • 100% pure fruit
  • carefully processed
  • Gently freeze-dried
  • vegan of course
  • gluten free
  • unsulphurized (according to EU organic regulation)
  • without artificial additives
  • without preservative substances
  • without sweeteners (naturally contains sugar)
  • unoiled
  • without dyes

A perfect snack for in between, on the go, during sports, in the office and at home! Made from 100% pineapple, pure natural, organic, vegan, gluten-free and unsweetened (naturally contains sugar). Also ideal as a topping for muesli. Our pineapple chips are light to dark yellow, crispy and wonderfully fruity. After opening, we recommend sealing the package airtight and protecting the contents from liquids.

Vital substances:
The pineapple contains the protein-splitting enzyme bromelain, which inhibits blood clotting, improves blood circulation and is therefore used in arteriosclerosis. In cosmetics, on the other hand, the pineapple is used for age spots and in the fight against cellulite. It also serves as a digestive aid and anti-inflammatory agents. In addition, the pineapple has a very high vitamin C content, which we Europeans take advantage of, especially in the winter months.1,2Freeze-dried pineapple chips contain the same nutrients and vital substances as fresh pineapple, only in a concentrated form. Pineapple chips are ideal for a balanced diet.

Origin and manufacture:
Our pineapples grow in western India, more precisely in the Whestghats Mountains. The area is serviced by the Wayanad Social Service Society (WSSS). This is a registered non-profit association that was registered as early as 1860. The WSSS attaches great importance to the socio-economic strengthening of local farmers as well as their wives, young people and children. After the harvest, the peel of the pineapple and the middle stem are removed and the pulp is cut into pieces. Then the organic pineapple pieces are gently freeze-dried. The moisture content does not fall below 3%. This means that the valuable ingredients are retained in the product. This processing ensures a shelf life of up to three years if the pineapple chips are stored at room temperature below 20 degrees. Soaked in warm water, our pineapple chips almost regain their original appearance, freshness and consistency after about 10 minutes. No other drying method achieves such results. Organic ingredients: Pineapple Chips ° freeze-dried Naturally vegan product, processed in a purely vegan company. 

1 Wikipedia pineapple / pineapple
2 DEBInet German nutrition advice and information network

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