Organic Fairtrade strawberry slices 200g

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Our organic fairtrade strawberries are:  

  • 100% pure organic nature
  • gently processed
  • cut by hand
  • sun dried
  • vegan of course
  • Raw food
  • unsulphurized (according to EU organic regulation)
  • unoiled
  • without artificial additives
  • without preservatives
  • without sweeteners
  • without acidulants
  • without dyes

Vital substances:

Strawberries contain phytochemicals, which can have an anti-inflammatory effect, have the potential to reduce cardiovascular and cancer diseases and to have a positive effect on the cholesterol level [1].

Our dried strawberries not only impress with their taste, but also with their increased vitamin C content [1 and 2]. Vitamin C protects our body from free radicals, strengthens our connective tissue, optimizes calcium and iron absorption and supports our immune system.

Dried strawberries contain the same nutrients and vital substances as fresh strawberries, only in a concentrated form. They are therefore an even better and, above all, healthy source of vital substances for our body. Nature has arranged it so that the berries provide everything we need.


The dried organic Fairtrade strawberries are light to dark red, very nice in color and shape. The consistency is soft. They hardly stick together. In terms of taste, they have a very intense and very fruity strawberry taste. They are pleasantly sweet and slightly sour.

Until the end of the season, they usually dry a little and the color becomes darker, which in turn is a quality feature, because this shows that the strawberries have not been sulphurized. Storage between +2 and +6 degrees is ideal for dried fruits and slows down the darkening process.

Origin and manufacture:

We source our organic Fairtrade strawberries exclusively from Uzbekistan. They ripen in the regions around Samarkand. The area is largely organic and FAIRTRADE certified and is cultivated by the FAIRTRADE farmers who live there. The farmers belong to a large Fairtrade community, which consists of 3 groups, Dustkul Bogi, Turkiston Gulba and Turob Bobo.

Around 1000 individual farmers and their families belong to them. Thanks to the cooperation with Fairtrade, the farmers can offer their families a secure income and their children a new perspective.

After the harvest, the strawberries are cleaned, cut into slices and then gently dried with the help of the sun. The drying process used is a very environmentally friendly solar drying method that is extremely gentle on the product.


In Austria, the strawberries are pressure treated and checked several times. With pressure removal, the interaction of pressure and time ensures absolute freedom from pests.


[1] Wikipedia Erdbeeren / strawbeery

[2] DEBInet
German nutrition advice and information network

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