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Our organic pomegranate seeds are:

  • exceptionally rich in antioxidants
  • unique and only available from us
  • 100% pure nature
  • unoiled and unsweetened
  • 100% super fruit
  • therefore without any acidifiers or sweeteners
  • without preservative
  • without dyes or other unnatural additives
  • sonnen/solargetrocknet
  • Vegan
  • raw food quality
  • fair trade quality

vital substances:

Only our pomegranate seeds contain this high antioxidant capacity of up to 120100 ! µmol /100g TE (ORAC value = Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacit). By consuming foods rich in antioxidants, the defense mechanism in the body can be strengthened and an overproduction of free radicals can be balanced out. An ORAC daily requirement between 5000 and 7000 is recommended [5].

Pomegranate seeds are said to have a positive influence on a wide variety of diseases, such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Furthermore, it was found that the pomegranate is rich in phytoestrogens, especially estrone. Estrone is a mildly effective estrogen that resembles the female sex hormones. The pomegranate also contains a lot of vitamins A, C, potassium and antioxidants. The pomegranate contains large amounts of secondary plant substances such as polyphenols (flavonoids, tannins). Pomegranates can have a stimulating effect, which has a particularly positive effect on chronic fatigue, listlessness, infections and inflammation. [1 to 4].


Our organic pomegranates come from smallholder groups in the picturesque surroundings of Samarkand, Uzbekistan. The pomegranates are harvested by hand, piece by piece, when fully ripe and peeled by hand and gently dried on the same day by our processing company Silk Road Organic Foods. For the production of 100 g of organic pomegranates you need around 1 kg of fresh organic fruit, i.e. a ratio of 1:10! The pomegranate has been cultivated for over 5000 years and is therefore one of the oldest plants known to man. The name pomegranate goes back to the Romans (lat. granae = seeds, grains; lat. granatus = granular, rich in seeds).

The pomegranate has a legendary history: Among other things, Eve was able to seduce Adam with his help and Paris triggered the Trojan War by giving Aphrodite a pomegranate. The pomegranate has always been a symbol of life and fertility. Our dried pomegranates are made from carefully selected fresh fruits that are peeled by hand and then gently dried. Refine your breakfast, your salads or use the pomegranates for baking and surprise your guests with this exquisite delicacy of the Silk Road.


[1] Wikipedia: Pomegranate / Pompegranate [2] DEBInet German Nutrition Advice and Information Network [3] [4] [5] ORAC USDA Database [6] Credited analysis in laboratory

Note: Large containers may be delivered in an inliner with a food-safe outer carton.

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