Organic maple syrup grade C 200ml

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Our organic maple syrup is:

  • an alternative sweetener
  • 100% pure organic nature
  • 100% pure maple syrup
  • gently manufactured
  • of course vegan
  • without artificial additives
  • without preservatives

Vital substances:

Many people swear by the many different properties of maple syrup. It is not always easy to prove this. Nevertheless, it is said that maple syrup, the darker the syrup, the better, because it contains more antioxidants. Antimicrobial properties, a low glycemic index and various medicinal substances are also mentioned in connection with maple syrup.

Useful information:

What would the famous pancakes be without maple syrup? It is the unmistakable taste of the syrup that gives them a special touch.1 It is very interesting how the syrup is obtained.

Indians had discovered indirectly that the maple tree contains a sweet sap. Similar to the production of resin or rubber, the tree is cut and the sap is removed. When extracting sap, great care is taken to ensure that exactly the right amount of sap is extracted, otherwise the tree will not grow.


Our sweet organic maple syrup has a very strong and intense taste. The syrup glows in dark amber colors. The syrup is pleasantly sweet and tastes very characteristic and caramel-like. Our maple syrup is ideal for further processing.

Origin and manufacture:

We source our organic maple syrup from Canada, the land of the maple leaf. The areas in which the trees are located are largely organic certified. During the harvest season, the sap is taken from the trees and then thickened so that a syrup is produced (between 30 and 50 liters of juice make around 1 liter of syrup). The actual syrup production is of course carried out very carefully and under high hygienic conditions. This ensures that our organic maple syrup is of very good quality.

Organic ingredient: Maple syrup grade C


1 Wikipedia maple syrup

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