Wild organic Fairtrade mountain almonds 12.5kg

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Our wild organic Fairtrade mountain almonds are:

  • very close to nature
  • Very high quality
  • very antioxidant
  • even more aromatic
  • in raw food and fair trade quality
  • sun / solar dried
  • laser cleaned and specially selected
  • checked several times

Vital substances:

Regular consumption of almonds can have a positive effect on health, because almonds have been shown to lower the cholesterol level in the blood due to their polyunsaturated fatty acids, stabilize / lower blood pressure and inhibit inflammatory reactions.

Almonds are also characterized by a high content of B vitamins, vitamin E, magnesium, phosphorus and manganese. Vitamin E is an antioxidant. It protects our body from harmful oxidations, from free radicals and it stabilizes the cell membranes. Furthermore, almonds help supply the body with calcium, iron, potassium and zinc. 1 - 3

Almonds are therefore ideal for a balanced, healthy diet.

Almonds contain a very high antioxidant capacity of 4454 µmol TE (ORAC value = Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity).

By consuming foods rich in antioxidants, the body's defense mechanism can be strengthened and an overproduction of free radicals can be balanced out. An ORAC daily requirement between 5000 and 7000 is recommended. 4


Our wild organic Fairtrade mountain almonds come from distant forests, where hardly anyone gets lost. This peace and seclusion allows the almonds to ripen in peace and develop their full potential. You can taste this difference, because wild almonds taste more intense and also a little bit like wild nature.

It is generally assumed that wild almonds have a better composition of nutrients and vital substances than normal, ripened almonds. Above all, however, they come very close to the original quality of the almonds.


We source our organic Fairtrade almonds exclusively from Uzbekistan. Only from there can we be sure that the quality will meet our high standards.

The almonds ripen on remote trees in the mountainous regions around Samarkand. The area is largely organic and FAIRTRADE certified. The 1000 or so farmers who work the area at harvest time belong to one of three large Fairtrade groups, Dustkul Bogi, Turkiston Gulba or Turob Bobo. Thanks to the cooperation with Fairtrade, the farmers can offer their families a secure income and their children a new perspective.


After the careful harvest, the almonds are pitted and the actual kernel is then gently dried with the help of the sun. The drying process used is a very environmentally friendly solar drying method that is extremely gentle on the product.


Once in Austria, the almonds are pressure treated and laser cleaned. With pressure removal, the interaction of pressure and time ensures absolute freedom from pests. During the subsequent multiple cleaning in the laser cleaning system, the almonds are checked individually to rule out any foreign contamination.

Organic ingredients: Almonds ° dried - ° FAIRTRADE certified and grown by Fairtrade producers. Total Fairtrade share: 100%.

Why you should germinate our nuts!

Sprouting nuts:

  • inhibits and reduces phytic acids

Phytic acid is found in natural foods and inhibits the absorption of minerals in our body. A reduction in phytic acid has the advantage that the minerals it contains can be absorbed and are therefore available to us.5

  • inhibits and reduces tannins

Tannins are tannins that the plant uses for its own protection. If too many tannins are ingested with food, it can lead to flatulence (digestive problems) and, above all, to a reduced absorption of iron and calcium (or minerals).6

  • neutralizes enzyme inhibitors

Our body needs certain reactions for a smooth process and for these reactions certain enzymes are needed. If these enzymes are inhibited, our body cannot work optimally. It is therefore important to keep this inhibition to a minimum.

  • promotes the production of beneficial enzymes and
  • increases the amount of vitamins, especially the B vitamins

During the germination process, the plant starts to flower again. Many important vital substances, such as vitamins and enzymes, are activated and mobilized. Therefore, germinated nuts are a lot more valuable than nuts that have not germinated.


If you can make it a habit to put your nuts in lukewarm water the evening before and let them stand overnight, then you will have very good pre-germinated nuts the next morning. If you have sprouted more nuts than you need in the morning, we recommend that you store them without the water in the refrigerator, or for a longer period of time, it is advisable to dry the nuts on a dry surface or in the oven.

General: The germination time is 7 to 24 hours, depending on the food.

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2 DEBInet German nutrition advice and information network
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4 ORAC USDA Database
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6 Wikipedia tannins / tannins

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